Regulatory Compliance: The Hearing Advantage is commited to working with you to design and implement a program that will help to secure your company's compliance with State and Federal hearing conservation regulations and mandates. (More)

Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs: Our industrial hearing conservation expertise has assisted many companies implementation of an efficient and economical program that help to prevent employee hearing loss, and therefore reducing your company's potential liability costs from hearing loss claims.

Noise Level Surveys: The accurate and precise execution of a noise survey is the basis for an effective Hearing Conservation Program. Our noise surveys and the reports that follow provide detailed noise level data in an easy to follow format. (More)

On-Site Hearing Tests: Companies with employees working in areas that meet or exceed 85 (A) decibels are required to provide hearing evaluations for their workers on at least an annual basis. In our state-of-the-art Mobile Audiological Testing Vehicle, THA can test up to 24 employees an hour on-site at your facility. However, arrangements can be made to test more if demand requires it. This provides your company the lowest production down time. (More)

On-Site/In-Office Follow-Up Testing: In order to ensure regulatory compliance, THA can provide additional Audiological evaluations for those workers requiring further testing as well as for employees who missed the initial testing date(s). (More)

Employee Training: THA provides highly effective employee education and motivational sessions, designed by our Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation Course Director, ensuring our employee training sessions are informative and motivational, while also meeting Federal requirements. (More)

Management Reports: The Hearing Advantage will not leave you wondering what all the reports mean. We provide our professional staff to review the reports with you one-on-one, from companies initiating a Hearing Conservation Program for the first time to those with an established program in need of qualified supervision, consultation and/or improved report management. THA is there to offer our expert services every step of the way. With our accurate and complete computerized system, we are able to provide detailed data for management as well as clear and concise notifications on employee/associate hearing results. THA provides you with reports that are easy to read and meet all standards. Without appropriate, accurate documentation for your Hearing Conservation Program, compliance does not exist.


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