The Hearing Advantage (THA) focuses it's resources on being the best audiological service provider; much in the way an industrial employer focuses their resources in their industry. As your "Industrial Partner", we are committed to working with you in all your Hearing Conservation needs from hearing testing to noise surveys. Our reliable, experienced and knowledgeable staff as well as our state of the art equipment ensures an accurate and effective Hearing Conservation Program.

"Big or small, The Hearing Advantage, P.C. is at your beckon call." Our fees are very competitive and are considered to be the best in the industry. We work with you to develop an efficient, cost-effective program that is within your budget. We offer you more on-site service hours without any additional charges while most mobile assessment companies limit their on-site service hours.

THA works with your company to determine an employee testing and training schedule that is most convenient for you. With our mobile Audiological Testing Vehicle, we have the ability to test up to 24 employees an hour. However, arrangements can be made to test more if demand requires it. This reduces possible down time within your company. We also offer on-site Hearing Censervation Safety Training by our skilled, certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists and we always have an Audiologist available to supervise your Hearing Conservation Program.